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IsoTubi USA – Stainless Steel Press – Product Catalog

We are presenting in this catalog our range of IsoTubi-USA Stainless Steel Press products, the stainless steel Press fitting system which allows making facilities in a very easy way, without using welding or threads, saving a considerable amount of time and money.

IsoTubi USA – Stainless Steel Press – Submittal Sheet

Isotubi-USA Stainless Steel Fittings provide a complete line of mechanically joined press-fittings in sizes 1/2 through 2 inches. These fittings are designed to work with Schedule 5 or 10 Stainless Steel IPS pipe. Press joints can be readily achieved using several commercially available pressing tools.

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IsoTubi USA – Stainless Steel Press – FAQ

IsoTubi-USA is the exclusive IsoTubi distributor of high quality stainless steel press fittings and valves in North America. The products are manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain.

Isotubi USA – Stainless Steel Press – Sell Sheet

There are a number of possible ways to join tubes and accessories in plumbing installations, including threading, soldering and welding, but no method makes a secure connection as quickly or as easily as pressing.

Isotubi-USA Chemical Compatibility Chart

Isotubi USA – Chemical Compatibility Chart

 Recommendations shown above are general in nature. Product service life for a given application is dependent on actual media mixture, pressure, temperature and operational (cycling) parameters. Contact Isotubi-USA’s Technical Department if you have questions or wish to inquire about compatibility with chemicals not shown in the chart. 


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