Acerinox talks about Isotubi’s Numepress System on its website.


One of the more known methods of pipe union is welding, but there are others, as union by anchoring, with adhesives or by pressure also known as pressfitting.
The Pressfitting is a method of union without welding based on the pressure that unites two tubes using an accessory of union of greater size that ensures a perfect union valid for gases, liquids and steam.
Isotubi opts for the Pressfitting because it is a fast, simple method without welding that offers numerous advantages
With more than 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of welded pipe, Isotubi has specialized in the manufacturing of pressfitting accessories in AISI 304 and 316 L stainless steel made by Acerinox Europe, offering a product of the highest quality that has numerous certificates at European and global level.
One of the main objectives of Isotubi is to publicize the benefits of the Presfitting system by carrying out dissemination actions.
As a result of Isotubi’s relationship with Acerinox, the world’s first stainless steel manufacturer with 3.5 million tons, the leader in steel manufacturing has published a short article on Pressfiting and Isotubi on its website.


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