Interview with Juan Carlos Cabrero, Technical Director of NUNSA Facilities in Calor y Frío.


Soon Clínica Universidad de Navarra will open the doors of its new headquarters in Madrid. A hospital center that will have state-of-the-art clinical equipment located near one of the main access roads to the capital that will occupy 35,000 square meters.
For a center of these characteristics, having an optimal piping network for the distribution of sanitary water is basic. For this reason, Juan Carlos Cabrero, Technical and Production Director of NUNSA Instalaciones, a company in charge of the installation of plumbing, hot and cold water sanitation networks and cleaning of the new Madrid headquarters of the Clínica Universidad de Navarra, has chosen our stainless steel Numepress Aisi 316 L pipes that are joined by a Pressfitting system (mechanical pressing). Juan Carlos is a staunch advocate of Pressfitting of this system since among other advantages is more secure, economical, resistant and effective than joints by threading or welding.
The representative of Nunsa Instalaciones talks about the main advantages of the pressfitting system and Isotubi's Numepress in particular in an extensive interview conducted by the facilities portal Calor y Frio in which he quotes, among others:


• Isotubi products offer all the guarantees in a sanitary building, where the sanitary water distribution facilities are fundamental for the patient's well-being.
 • Aisi 316 L material from Isotubi is of the highest quality and demonstrated stability to the various treatments to which water can be subjected.
• Numepress complies with all the Norms and Regulations that regulate water treatment systems, with new products for chlorination of water and high temperature to carry out cleaning in pipes.
• System open to multiple applications such as compressed air installations, solar energy, heating, plumbing, air conditioning and fire protection.
• High resistance to corrosion, chlorides and high temperatures used in cleaning processes and treatments.
• Cold pressing system without welding, which does not need specialized labor beyond the knowledge of plumbing.
• Low maintenance cost.

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